How It Works

Catching the Fish

We go fishing


All of our fish is harvested using small boats that are less taxing on the environment than larger commercial vessels.

We spear the fish


95% of the fish we harvest are shot, not caught. This allows us to be very selective on which fish to actually harvest. Our love for freediving and spearfishing is what has led us to start this business.

We clean and prep the fish


All of the fish are cleaned by us in a local facility that has the highest standards for safety and cleanliness. We follow all regulations and guidelines set forth by the City of Virginia Beach.

We deliver the fish right to your door


If you live outside of the delivery zone please contact us and we will work on a way to get you fresh fish!

You enjoy


All of our fish will be delivered ‘pan ready’. Just open the package and cook by any means you’d like! Pan, grill, oven, fryer – You choose! There should be no issue of pin bones or excessive bloodline. We have been getting yelled at by our mothers, girlfriends and wives long enough to know better.

You remember the fish stuck flopping around in your grand daddy’s cooler full of warm beer? You won’t find anything like that here!

In addition to our harvesting techniques, your fish are humanely dispatched immediately after being shot using the Japanese technique of ikejime. Shortly after being dispatched, they are then pre-cleaned and iced down in a slurry. These methods reduce the buildup of lactic acid and ammonia which are the after products of your typical stressed out dying fish you’d get at the supermarket.

By minimizing these chemicals your filets and steaks have an exponentially increased shelf life and are tastier when it comes time to cook. By going the extra mile out on the boat, you end up with the best product possible. You will no longer wonder when this fish was caught or have to worry if it was well looked after on the way to your plate.

Local Fish

Keeping the fish local and as close to where it was caught as possible.

Using Minimal Plastic

Our priority is the minimal use of plastic to keep the environment safe.

Zero Bi-Catch

Because the select ability of spearing, there is zero bi-catch.

How to Care for Your Fish

Other than what is stated on the safe handling label we cannot give guidance on how to store your fish.

However, we can tell you how we look after our own catch in our own homes. If the fish is left in the fridge for a day or so, we do a simple pat down with a paper towel before cooking. If we are storing for an extended time in the fridge, we wrap in paper towels and change those towels daily.

For the most part we feel that water is any meats worst enemy. Again, this is the technique that we follow in our homes. Please always follow FDA guidelines and safe handling techniques.

More on Our Green Approach


While on the water, we use small boats at optimal speeds to reduce our carbon footprint. On land, the fish is processed in a shared commercial kitchen and our preferred method of packaging is with paper.


The remaining parts of the fish that are not currently appealing to the majority of the public is then used to either feed our family, make fish stock, create dog treats, bait our crab pots or for chum on the next trip out. 100% of every fish harvested is used in some way.


In the future, we look forward to introducing you to non-traditional parts of the fish that are even tastier and more nutritious than your typical de-boned and skinned filets.

How to Order

Not home?

If you won’t be home, we ask that you please put a cooler with ice or frozen water bottles on your porch or some other obvious location in your front yard/front property where we can leave your fish.

Get the ice ready

Please make sure the cooler has ice in it and that it is large enough to hold the amount of fish that you ordered.

Ordering & More

Reach out to us if you have questions or need more info.

Delivery Rates

Delivery rate is $1 for every mile – Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Local Pickup (Free)

For pickup please use the coupon code PICKUP at checkout. For all pickup orders we will meet you at the city parking lot across from the Icehouse Restaurant on 604 Norfolk Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
For shipping of fish or ready to eat items please contact us to place an order.

Yes. Please contact us and we will come up with a plan to get fresh local seafood.

We get most of our fish right here off the coast and in the bay. Occasionally we do go to NC for some better water when conditions are not right for spearfishing in Virginia Beach.

You can safely keep fish in your fridge for 5-7 days as long as you are looking after it. Please read theHow It Workspage for more information on how we care for our catch.

That will all depend on the size of the order. Please contact us and again we will come up with a plan to  get you the freshest local seafood available.

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