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African Pompano

African Pompano

$26.00 /lb

This pelagic is a favorite between friends. AP is hands down the best fish you will ever try! Thank us later. Slightly steakier than Sheapshead but even more buttery. Once you try it, it will be hard to go back to any other type of fish.

Due to AP being extremely difficult to catch you won’t normally find this fish for sale in any other fish market. Their diet mainly consists of squid which gives it’s meat a sweet taste and a much lower level of mercury than most other pelagics. AP will be available from spring until fall.

African Pompano are silvery-metallic blue to blue-green on top, being darkest on the head while the underside is more silvery. African Pompano aren’t really pompano at all. They are actually in the “jack” family. Juveniles have tremendously long, threadlike fin tips, which are thought to discourage predators. The fin tips shrink and are lost as the fish grow to adult size.

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