Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout are the most targeted saltwater fish in the USA!  And for good reason they taste great and are fun to catch! There are many nick names for this toothy but tasty fish, “Specs”, “Speckles”, “Spotted Sea trout”, “Spotted Weakfish” and “Yellow Mouths.” For some anglers this is the only fish they go for. The meat has a buttery, sweet flavor with dense white flakes. The fillets are very delicate and probably the tenderest meat out of all of the species that we offer. We will target these fish when the weather is up and conditions are not optimal to go out into open water. This fresh fish will be available from fall through spring.

Speckled trout are silver/gray colored with black dots, or speckles, along their back and fins. These fish seem to stay close by to where they’ve grown up. There is little if any migration. You could very easily catch the same fish year after year. In our local inshore waters a “Spec” can be caught almost everyday. However, the bite does slow down in the most extremes of heat and cold.

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Skinless Boneless Pan Ready Fillets, 1/2lb. Dry Aged Fillet, Whole Fish Scaled and Dressed, Dry Aged Whole Fish Scaled and Dressed


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