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Greentail Shrimp

Greentail Shrimp

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We are very fortunate to live in an area where we have access to same or next day caught shrimp. These greentail shrimp are caught right off our coast and are chemical and preservative free. They are more of a top water shrimp giving them a sweet, buttery flavor. The majority of shrimp in grocery stores are from Asia or the gulf of mexico and are loaded with preservatives which make them taste bland. The “local” shrimp that you will see in most seafood markets around our area come from the sounds of NC and don’t have the benefit of the salty ocean waters which also greatly affects the taste. Our locally caught ocean greentail shrimp are sold headless and in the shell. Taste the difference!

Aside from the difference you will notice in the taste and nutrition, this shrimp is harvested with the ecosystem in mind. These greentails are caught using smaller boats and specialized gear that reduces the impact to other sea life that call the ocean home.  This is by far the most commercially sustainable and lowest impact way to harvest shrimp.

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