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Also commonly referred to as a “Convict” fish due to their white and black stripes. The meat is a delicious, versatile, white and flakey texture. Between our friends we call them “bay snappers.” This is our favorite inshore fish. Sheeps will be available from spring until fall.

Sheepshead are marked by 4 or 6 vertical dark bars (stripes) on their sides. They have prominent teeth with incisors, molars and rounded grinders that enable them to crush shellfish and sea urchins. Sheepshead utilize nearshore coastal waters, bays, and estuaries. They can be found around artificial reefs, rough bottoms, wrecks, piers, pilings, rocks, and jetties. They feed on mussels, clams, oysters, barnacles, crabs, shrimps, fishes and algae.

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