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Also known as “Ling” fish up and down the coast. This is probably the most popular larger inshore fish that has good ediblity in our waters. These fish are also why almost every boat you see in our waters has some sort of tower. Cobia are extremely curious, they will swim right up to us when diving. The meat is steaky and white and is excellent for grilling.

Besides king mackerel, cobia are really the only other steaky style filet that is in our inshore waters. This fish is higher in omega-3s than the same portion of salmon. And yes they are in the same family as the Remora(sucker fish). We only catch these sunbathers during the summer months.

Cobia are a long, slim fish with a broad depressed head which is often mistaken for a shark or shark sucker. The body is dark brown to silver, paler on the sides and grayish white to silvery below, with two narrow dark bands (stripes) extending from the snout to base of the tail. The eyes are small.

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