VA Spearfisherman Sets Sheepshead World Record

Todd Elder has been free diving for about 23 years.  During those years, he has seen a lot of fish underwater, including sheepshead. That is why he immediately recognized a record-sized sheepshead at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) on May 10. This fish was a monster. It was much larger than any he had seen before. […]

Virginia Man Freediving from Jet Ski Spears World-Record Sheepshead

“You’re gonna get excited when you see it, but you try to just stay calm, moving very slow” The off-colored waters of Chesapeake Bay aren’t always the best place for spearfishermen looking to collect tasty fillets. But as veteran freediver Todd Elder proved earlier this month, the bay holds plenty of oversized, record-class sheepshead for […]

Virginia Beach spearfisherman sets world record with Atlantic Sheepshead catch

Twenty years of free diving in the muddy waters of the Chesapeake Bay paid off for Todd Elder two weeks ago. The 38-year-old from Virginia Beach set a world record for the International Underwater Spearfishing Association on May 10 when he caught a 17.4-pound Atlantic Sheepshead. Elder said he was diving off a jetski to spearfish near […]

Fisherman spears a ‘whopper’ in Virginia — and sets world record.

Todd Elder has spent much of his life diving. For the past 15 or so years, the Virginia Beach resident has worked in offshore oil and gas as a commercial diver. But recently, he decided to turn his passions for diving and fishing into his own side hustle. Elder now owns a fresh seafood company, […]

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