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A fish with a bad rep here on the east coast but in the rest of the world AJ is a highly prized fish. They are hard fighting and never seem to pass up a meal. It’s again the type of meat that is great anyway that you want to prepare it. Amberjack smoked is a staple on our boat while we are fishing. Don’t write this fish off. It is highly sustainable and very versatile for cooking.

AJ is a white meat with firm texture and mild flavor. Take a blind taste test and I bet you will pick it over some of the more popular fish! We normally harvest these “reef donkeys” from early spring to late fall.

Amberjacks have a dark stripe on the head, which runs from the nose, through the eye, to the front of the first dorsal fin. Their backs are blue or olive, the sides and belly are silver-white. Occasionally there is an amber or pinkish color to the body.

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